How to Get Rid of Whiteheads


I’m having it again and I feel so sorry about my face because it really looks literally like a dartboard right now. I can’t even look at any person I’ talking with and honestly I’m dying to end any conversation I’m having with a person and prefer to just finish it through phone. With this, I really need to be creative and come up with multiple alibis. Well, you cannot really blame them if their eyes will be stuck at your inflamed whiteheads that can possibly pop anytime.

The whole time I thought I was just really vain but I came to the point that I lost my self-confidence, gained more insecurity, felt incompetent and pathetic. I’m an optimist, but oftentimes my disposition is tested. What a horrible situation and almost everything I know about getting rid of whiteheads didn’t work- yet. But I know there’s something out there that works and I just really need to know it.

Facts are all around the web: confusing, vague and sometimes faux that can possibly lead to more complications. We just need to know the basic of getting rid of whiteheads and that basic entails you to know your enemy and discern the foes and friends of your nemesis. In this case, take time to comprehend why it is there. This will actually require you to know yourself, your skin and understand it better.

The ingredients of whiteheads consist of bacteria, dead skin cells, sebum and the body’s natural response (that sometimes are actually one of the causes because it’s just overreacting). For the first two, we cannot avoid those but we can actually control and for the rest, it’s given. So let’s work out on those that can be controlled. Right facial cleanser, exfoliating and bacteria agents are one of the keys. Natural means are my favourites so I suggest someone to have tea tree oil to fight bacteria (proven to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide) and exfoliate your skin on a regular basis with baking soda, sugar, coffee and oatmeal scrubs. I prefer the first one because it’s really effective and inexpensive

And it’s there so what would you do? According to Dr Neal Schultz of DermTV.com, extraction of whiteheads is actually beneficial in the assumption that this is done properly. Proper means right technique, timing and if possible, right person. Right technique of getting rid of those whiteheads is by extracting the clogged sebum with right skin preparation and correct extraction tool. Before this activity, prepare your skin by washing it mildly with your facial wash then pat it dry. Steam your face for 5 minutes, just enough to open your pores a little for an easy extraction. I tried not to extract my whiteheads one time and it took a very long time to heal it plus the blemishes it left me for months.

Theoretically, as long it’s there your skin cannot immediately repair itself so go ahead and extract it. You can do it on your own by using the steps mentioned but remember it’s better to spend little bucks and have an expert do it.

After extracting, wait for 10 minutes and put some lemon on it to tighten the pores. Aside from its whitening, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory mystic, its acidic nature makes your skin cells to shrink and be tightened up. In this way, you are not promoting any other breakouts again because in the first place you’ve already cleaned it up. Let it stay and be absorbed for another 5 minutes. Wash with cold water to further tighten your skin’s pores.

Now it’s out so give your skin a break and avoid using make-ups and harsh cleansers. If in case you really need to, invest on non-comedogenic make up and avoid products that contain oil. Though it’s a good facial cleansing, it can cause further irritation and we don’t want that another problem or whiteheads to show up again.

Lastly, do not touch your face ever! This will cause bacteria proliferation and pore blockage. Trust me, the moment I embraced this rule, I managed to avoid having acne breakouts. As an engineer right now, I’m incredibly confident and competent. I still have occasional whiteheads but I manage to get rid of it as if it was not there.

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